BLACK GOES WITH EVERYTHING. It also has a slimming effect, which the Maxus doesn't need as it is a well balanced work of technological art. The Maxus comes in an array of gorgeous hardwoods, satin nickel finish stocks, and cutting edge camo patterns, but we know a lot of hard core men (and women!) prefer a no-nonsense look. The black finish may look Spartan, but the Dura-Touch Armor Coating feels warm and "grippy" to the touch.
SKU: 95011600304
Manufacturers: Browning , Winchester
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The more serious and utilitarian look of the Maxus Stalker matches the reliable function and fine engineering it wears on the inside. The PowerDrive gas system cycles a wide range of target, slug, and game loads, reducing measured and felt recoil to allow for greater comfort and quicker follow up shots. The SpeedLock forearm allows for quick access to change the magazine capacity, clean the gas piston system, or add/remove a sling.

The Lightning Trigger boasts a faster trigger lock time than any other autoloader trigger in it's class, resulting in more pellets on target. Combined with Browning's Total Barrel Dynamics, the Maxus is capable of unparalleled accuracy.


Calibre / Chamber 12G / 3" OR 12G / 3.5"
Barrel Standard Blued
Receiver Steel, Matte Black
Magazine Capacity 4
Trigger Single, Gold Plated
Safety Top Tang Safety
Sights Fibre optic front sight, ivory midbead
Recoil Pad Inflex 1, Small with Hard Heel Insert
Accessories Gun Lock Choke Key
Chokes 3 Inv+:F, M, IC