Beretta 692 Shotguns

Beretta 692 Shotgun
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Manufacturer: Beretta
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It is the successful mix of tradition and technology, better ballistics and ergonomics, together with elegant and technical design, that makes this an outstanding competition shotgun.

A champion of adjustability 
Out of the box, the 692 offers you an adjustable single-selective trigger and adjustable ejection or extraction, so that you can customise the length to fit your preferences and shooting style. Standard on all models is adjustable balance which can be changed with weighted wads that are inserted in the buttstock; this allows you to tweak the point of balance to your ideal without any real change to the overall weight. Also available as an option is Beretta’s exclusive B-Fast comb system, which lets you adapt the stock’s drop and cast to your exact specifications.

Designed for breaking clays
The action of the Beretta 692 was envisioned specifically to meet the needs of competitive shooters. From the side, it looks somewhat like that of Beretta’s 680-series shotguns with their legendary low profile that greatly aids in aligning the dominant eye with the supporting hand. The main difference however, is that the 692 receiver sports a wider and heavier construction to offer more stability and ease of handling and to combat the natural fatigue that sets in on long matches. Also, the OptimaBore Steelium Plus barrels have a super-long (360 mm) forcing cone – meaning more durability, increased shot consistency and accuracy, and reduced recoil and muzzle rise.

Steelium Plus barrels
Thanks to a 5.5 times longer conical profile—which results in better weight distribution, smoother pressure dynamics inside the barrel—you will get outstanding pattern quality and precision, improved recoil reduction and reduced muzzle raise. Steelium, the proprietary tri-alloy blend that Beretta uses for barrels, offers a combination of lightness and exceptional resistance to shock and deformation.


Wider receiver: better balance
A competition over and under should have as much weight as possible in the receiver area, to provide higher stability before and after each shot. This is what the wider receiver does, and on the 692, its width sits exactly in the middle between the 682 and the DT11. The wider receiver provides improved balance and more stability before and after the shot resulting in better shouldering and faster target acquisition.

Set the shotgun up the way you like it 
The Beretta B-FAST System is a family of modular adjusting devices that lets you set your gun up to fit you perfectly. The family includes B-FAST Comb and B-FAST Balance.

B-FAST Balance: adjust the balance
Allows you to set your own designed balance through steel weight wads inserted into the stock as far away as possible from the hinge pins, allowing maximum balance correction for every unit of weight added. The first wad not only behaves as the first balance correction, but it is also the fixing point for additional wads, avoiding the fixing screw to work directly on wood. The system also allows customisation of the stock length without compromising the system.

B-FAST Comb (optional): adjust the drop and cast
This is a configuration of the buttstock that enables you to easily modify the drop and cast of the comb to suit your exact preferences. The comb, which improves dramatically the previous Memory System, is made of steel and aluminium, and allows easy and reliable adjustment, together with the memory feature of the coloured polymeric wads. (Optional)

Safety barrel selector
The safety also contains a barrel selector, enabling you to choose which barrel to fire first. There is also a newly-designed opening lever that features a polymer teardrop-end that is very gentle on your thumb – even on the longest session at the range.

Adjustable ejection/extraction
The ejection/extraction on this shotgun is user adjustable.

Adjustable trigger
The single selective trigger is user adjustable.

Replaceable locking shoulders
The locking shoulders are replaceable, so that even after thousands of rounds you can keep this shotgun firing and performing with minimum turnaround time and expense.

Micro-Core recoil pad
An innovative recoil pad developed by Beretta that expands gradually and instantly, increasing its surface area on the shoulder and giving the shotgun secure and precise support. It is soft, light and able to slide during shouldering.